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Hot Hors D’oeuvres

Artichoke and Spinach Dip

Served with toast points and crackers.

$36.00 serves 8-10


Assorted Mini Quiche

Vegetarian or meat and cheese filled.

$18 per dozen


Baked Brie

1 kilo or ½ kilo of Brie wrapped in puff pastry filled with brown sugar and almonds served with assorted crackers and fresh seasonal fruit.

Small $45.00/Large $65.00


Boneless Chicken Tenders

Served with honey mustard and BBQ sauce.

$24.00 per dozen


Bourbon Meatballs

Mini Beef Meatballs tossed in our own Bourbon Barbecue Glaze.

$18.00 per pound


Chicken Sate

Chicken Breast Strips Skewered Marinated in a Soy Ginger Marinade. Served with Peanut Sauce.

$24.00 per dozen


Chicken Wings

Choose from: Buffalo, Teriyaki or BBQ. Served with Blue Cheese Dressing.

$15.95 per dozen


Gourmet Franks

In puff pastry served with Champagne Mustard.

$12.95 per dozen


Mini Beef Wellingtons

Beef with Pate and Mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry. Served with Bearnaise Sauce.

$28.95 per dozen


Mini Crab Cakes

Lump crab meat, fresh herbs, seasonings and bread crumbs served with Cajun Remoulade.

Market Price


Vegetable Spring Roll

Served with a Soy Ginger dipping sauce.

$18.00 per dozen


Scallops Wrapped in Sugar Cured Bacon

$25.95 per dozen


Coconut Shrimp

Served on a skewer with a Orange Mustard Dipping Sauce.

$24.00 per dozen



Phyllo Pastry filled with Spinach and Feta Cheese.

$24.00 per dozen


Stuffed Mushrooms

With choice of filling. Sausage and Apple, Vegetarian, Shrimp.

$18.95 per dozen


Chicken Lemongrass Dumplings

Served with a Soy Ginger dipping sauce.

$22.00 per dozen


Pork Dumplings

Steamed, served with a Soy Ginger dipping sauce.

$22.00 per dozen


Thai Chicken Meatballs

Ginger, Garlic, Cilantro, Panko Crumbs in a Soy Mirin glaze.



Wild Mushroom Tartlets

With Crème Fraiche.

$18.95 per dozen


Hot Lobster Roll

Fresh picked Lobster Meat with clarified butter on a Mini Brioche Roll.

market price | Must be assembled

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