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Displays and Platters

Poached Salmon Display

Fresh Northern Atlantic Salmon poached in seasoned broth artfully garnished with cucumber slices and deviled eggs. Served with asparagus bundles, lemon wedges and dill cream sauce.

$110.00 serves 8-10


Brined Roasted Whole Turkey Display

16-18lb raw brined whole turkey roasted, carved or displayed whole with fruit garnish, fresh herbs and Teresa’s cranberry chutney. Gravy available upon request.



Roasted and Carved Turkey Breast Display

1Roasted boneless breasts of turkey sliced, plattered and garnished with fresh fruits and our own cranberry walnut chutney.

Serves 10-12 $95.00


Brown Sugar and Honey Glazed Baked Ham Display

Brown sugar honey glazed spiral ham baked, sliced decorated with fresh pineapple, red and green grapes. Served with whole grain tavern style mustard.

$95.00 serves 10-12


Classic Deli Platter

Includes sliced oven roast turkey, black forest ham, smoked turkey, salami, roast beef, honey baked ham, garlic and black pepper crusted pork loin, Swiss cheese, provolone cheese, American cheese, and cheddar cheese beautifully arranged and garnished. Comes with a Lettuce, Tomato Pickle tray, mayo and mustard. Extra Condiments $6.95/8 oz.

Small $65.00 serves 10-15

Medium $95.00 serves 20-25

Large $120.00 serves 30


Sandwich or Wrap Platter

Choose from our selection of gourmet salads, sliced meats, cheeses, and spreads. Sandwiches are cut in halves on assorted bread selections. Wraps can be cut in halves, quarters or into spirals on a platter with deli pickle spears, and fruit garnish. (we recommend a 1/2 wrap per person).

Per Sandwich $10.50

Per Wrap $11.50

Per Wrap Spiraled $12.50


Individual Dinner Roll “Tea” Sandwiches

Filled with your choice Gourmet Salads with Lettuce on Mini Rolls.

$2.50 each | Minimum order 1 dozen per kind.


Individual Tea Sandwiches

Filled with your choice of gourmet salads or cucumber with garlic herb spread on assorted sandwich bread with garnished sides on a platter with fruit garnish.

$36.00 per dozen | Min order 1 dozen per kind.

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