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Seasonal Coffee Bar Specials!

We are ready for SPRING! Below are our specials to celebrate!

Tiramisu Latte: Iced Latte with Tiramisu Syrup Topped with Iced Mocha Cold Foam and Cocoa Powder

Lavender White Mocha: Latte with White Mocha Sauce and Lavender Syrup. Iced or Hot.

Cadbury Creme Egg: Iced Latte with White Mocha Sauce, and Vanilla Syrup. Topped with Caramel Cold Foam and Crushed Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Nutty Bunny: Latte with Almond and Vanilla Syrup. Topped with Cocoa Powder. Iced or Hot

*WE NOW HAVE REFRESHERS!!!* – Lightly Caffeinated and Sweetened – Iced Only.

-Watermelon with Mint and Cucumber

-Dragonfruit with Elderberry

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